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Our Team

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Dr. Amy Gonzalez, DC, Mansfield Chiropractor, Acupuncture

Amy Gonzalez, DC

Founder, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Gonzalez graduated from Parker University with a Doctorate in Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness, and completed post-graduate training in Acupuncture. She was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners where she served most of her term as the Chair of Enforcement, helping to resolve complaints and promote ethical practice of Chiropractic in Texas. 

She prefers a "go-with-the-flow" style of practice rather than long-term treatment plans and loves to take on challenging cases where pharmaceuticals and/or surgery have failed.

Dr. Gonzalez also trained in Animal Chiropractic and sees animals through Collar and Saddle when she is not seeing humans. She enjoys weight training, painting, playing music/singing, and watching her kids and husband, Michael play sports. You can find some of her artwork around the office.

Trinity Scheibel, LMT, Massage Therapist

Trinity Scheibel, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

In addition to being a licensed massage therapist out of the TCC program,  Trinity is also an NASM certified personal trainer and nutrition coach.  He used to be a "larger version of himself" (his words) but after working in the industrial field for 21 years, and getting his own health and fitness back on track, he decided that he likes helping people more than sitting at a desk.

He and his wife Nancy, have been married "since the dawn of time" (also his words) and have 2 children (Liya and Christian) and 2 labs (Malcolm and Saoirse). He is a self-proclaimed nerd, gamer, kayaker, friend to stray cats, Cornhusker, and "was named after a character from a bad spaghetti western."

Ron Andersen, LMT, Massage Therapist

Diane Esparza, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Diane graduated in May of 2000 from North Texas Swedish Massage. She also attended UTA from 2001 to 2003.

Additional Studies/Certifications include: The physical Chinese medicine Tuina (AKA Acupressure), The Raindrop Technique by Young Living, Massage Instructor Training, Prenatal massage, Orthopedic massage, Pelvic Stabilization, and Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)

Diane served as secretary and treasurer for the Texas Association of Massage Therapists (TAMT) in 2011-2013 providing insurance education and job placements as well as an annual convention.

Personal note from Diane:

I’ve enjoyed this beautiful world of massage it’s taking me to so many places I never thought I’d go. I worked on the very wealthy, the very poor, very old, and a very young and it all comes down to one thing; we are all connected, we are all human beings, and we are all here to serve each other. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter massages I believe in working with your body and how it presents itself to me. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to maintain your body health balance. Remember that God made us to be awesome not perfect.

Best regards,

Diane Esparza, LMT


Marisol Fuente, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Marisol attended the TCC Massage Therapy program and graduated with our very own, Trinity Scheibel! Marisol enjoys utilizing Swedish massage techniques as well as deep tissue to help her clients feel their best. She looks forward to helping you move and function to your greatest potential!

Ron Andersen, LMT, Massage Therapist

Barbara Hughes, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Barbara has been a therapist for over three years. She graduated from Cortiva Institute (formerly Texas Center for Massage Therapy) in Arlington, TX. As a former single mom for seven years, she didn’t have the means to take relaxing vacations so she used massage as an inexpensive “getaway.“ Years later, that appreciation for massage, combined with her passion to make a difference in the world, would lead her to pursue massage therapy as a career.

She believes that massage can provide relief for not only physical aches and pains, but can also be emotionally therapeutic as well, so she tries to bring both aspects out in her work. She prefers doing longer sessions to allow time to warm up tissues, spent extra focus where it’s needed, and still get the entire body and overall relaxing massage.

She’s married and has four children. Outside of work she spends most of her time caring for her home, family, and cats. She volunteers at rescue organizations and dreams of one day having land to create a sanctuary for “un-adoptable“ and feral cats.


99 Regency Pkwy #111

Mansfield, TX 76063


(By Appointment Only) M/W/F: 9-6

T/Th: 9-7

Sat: 9-1

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