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Testimonials - Please note the doctor's name change as of 10/2016
Copied from our profile:
"I walked into Dr. Vavra's office (slumped over) after suffering WEEKS of excruciating back pain related to sciatica. She told me straight up that I "may" need exrays BUT before doing that, she wanted to check my spine. The xrays were not needed. She made adjustments and I walked out of her office PAIN FREE! This Lady is GOOD. She doesn't keep you coming back either. She's the BEST! Thank you Dr. Amy.

Copied from our Facebook page:
"Dr. Vavra is truly awesome. She's personable, very real and direct, and really looks into fixing you instead of brushing you off. She's great!"

"I had my first appointment with Dr. Vavra yesterday and was extremely pleased with her thoroughness in diagnosing my problems and then treating them. I would recommend her quite highly."

Please note: Our Facebook page no longer exists. Dr. Vavra got rid of all social media.

Copied from our Google Places page:
"Dr. V is the best chiropractor I've ever seen! She also treated my headaches/migraines with acupuncture and I'm absolutely amazed by the results. Her office is very clean and well decorated, her wait times are slim to none. In most cases she can fit you in that same day which is great! She really spends the time to get to know you and is very caring. She has also adjusted my son who at the time was 5 years old and she's GREAT with children, my son LOVES her! My whole family LOVES her and we will never go anywhere else! Would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Vavra for you and your entire family!"

"Recently my chiropractor retired and I was faced with finding a new one. A quick search pulled up Solutions Alternative Healthcare and after reviewing the information I decided to make an appointment. She went over my history and explained what she wanted to do as she proceeded with the adjustment. I was very pleased with her knowledge and skill. I have been several times now and I'd recommend her to anyone. I have been going to chiropractors for over 40 years and I can say that she is very gifted."

"Dr. V is by far the best Chiro I have been to and I have experienced quite a few of them in the past. She is very knowledgeable and most importantly, I can depend on getting good quality care from her when I am in the DFW area. I will definitely refer anyone I encounter to Dr. V! Thank you so much Doc!"

"Dr Vavra is very easy to talk to, she makes you feel right at home. She is understanding of your needs and will help you with those. The acupuncture sessions are of huge help to me, I am 40 years old and I take no medicines or have any major health problems, I believe acupuncture has helped me with this. Go check her out..."

"Dr. Varvra is awesome! She knows her stuff and walks the talk. I am glad I have been able to receive care from her. I will continue to send friends and family her way that are with in an hours drive."

"Finally, a Dr that listens and creates a treatment plan based on you and your specific needs. Dr. Vavra is easy to talk to and is truly invested in you as a patient."

Copied from Dr. Vavra's email:
"Thanks for all your help.  You seem to have the potential to help alot of people with a different approach, and I hope you do.  An important approach that many of us have forgotten.  Simply doing things right.  ;)
Thanks again,
Copied from Yelp:
"I absolutely love Dr. Vavra and am so thankful I found her! 29 years ago I was thrown from a moving car and have been getting chiro adjustments for years.  I just moved to the Arlington area and after sleeping on a floor for multiple nights, unpacking and the stress of moving I needed an adjustment.  I had been to a different chiro in the area who left me in more pain than when I arrived so by the time I found Dr. Varvra and went to see her I could hardly walk upright. On my first visit she took the time to get to know me and my history.  She asked questions and listened. She used the drop table on me which I prefer and was able to get my lower back into place and by the time I walked out I was upright and no longer had a stabbing pain in my neck! I see Dr. Vavra about every two weeks and she helps me keep my hips aligned, she puts my jaw back into place when my TMJ acts up and my teeth don't sit together and she's got a great technique to take the soreness from my right wrist since I'm on the computer so much! She may be tiny but she knows what she's doing!  Her office is clean and easy for me to get to and I love the online scheduling.  I don't have to call.  If I feel I need an adjustment I just schedule online and can usually get in the same day! I highly recommend Dr. Vavra!  Try her and you'll see chiropractic doesn't have to be painful to help!  Thank you Dr. Vavra!!"

"Dr. Vavra really takes the time & care to treat injuries properly. I've tried 3 acupuncture treatments for 2 herniated disks so far and have seen a drastic improvement in reductuction of pain & swelling. Thank You!"

"Dr. Vavra is the greatest! So many different types of treatments available, adjustments and accupuncture, you should try BOTH!!"

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